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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Being Thankful To Nature

Being Thankful To Nature

I am thankful to
Divine sunrises
The morning sun
Chirping Birds
soothing, gentle breeze
Dazzling days
Bright Summers
Pleasant Rains
Colorful, vibrant Rainbows
Velvety Green lands
big and shady Trees
Pretty, blossoming Flowers
Blue roses and sweet-smelling lilies
Lavish, dense Mountains
Flawless lakes and rivers
deep blue oceans
Colossal Mountains
Slopy,golden hills
Picture-perfect, white  Snow
Unquie Snowflake
Ravering Waterfalls
Splendid Sunsets
harsh Winters
Cold  and Chilling Nights
Romantic Evening Moon
Twinkling Stars
Vivid Sky
Grand Flora and Fauna

I am thankful to each and every object on this Earth..
I am thankful to Mother Earth..
I am thankful to the Blissful Nature..

Extending My Gratitude Circle to Nature without which Life on this Earth would not have been possible..

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  1. Beautifully expressed. Feeling grateful to Mother Nature is the greatest offering that we are giving our Master. Thanks for sharing this.