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Sunday, 20 November 2016



Friends are the family we get to choose.And you are lucky if you have one
such friend in your life who is family to you and means World to you.True
friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils,adds the happiness
and subtracts the sorrows from our life.Friendship is a bond that goes beyond
mere give-and-take.Friendship is an overlapping of Life.

"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend,my world..."
This quote probably says all that I want to express about my JUG.
Some people come into our lives and barely leave a trace,others leave a string of footprints
etched upon our hearts,letting us know that they are with us every step we take.
I don't know how and from where to start it but yes one person whose
picture flashed up immediately into my mind after I read about the post
to blog about 'YOUR JUG' is Diksha. My best friend since childhood or I should
better say my soulmate in disguise.I mean who says Love is the business of
lovers only, a special friend can be a worth more than a lover.It is often
said 'Relations are made in Heaven and executed on Earth.' And our friendship
is one such relation in my life that is definitely made in Heaven and executed by us
here on Earth.The 'Made for Each Other Jodi.'

I don't who are to be called as friends?How they look like? What characterstics a friend should possess? Or probably What is the meaning of friend and friendship?But one thing which I know very clearly is A friend should be like Diksha and her qualities should be set as the standards of friendship and all those who claim to be a friend should idealize her.
So For me,Diksha is the answer to all these questions.She is the meaning of friend and friendship for me.She is the definition of 'FRIEND' to me😊
A friend in all my needs and deeds.A friend who knows me inside and out,yet associates with me anyway.A friend whom I share all my secrets with.A friend who is partner in all my crimes.A friend who laughs with me in my happiness.A friend who cries double with me in my sorrows.A friend who offers me a shoulder to lean upon and shed my tears when I am upset.A friend who sticks through thick and thin.A friend who understands me better than me.A friend who knows me even better.A friend with whom even silence seems meaningful and comfortable.A friend who prays for my success.A friend who motivates during failures.A friend who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.A friend who patiently bears up with all my drama.A friends to listens all my pointless talks and cribs.A friends who strengthens me during tough times.A friend who embarrasses me and laughs out crazily.A friend who favourite job is pulling my leg.A friend who teases me on my crushes.A friend who does not utters a single word when I freak upon her.A friend who found me perfect with all my flaws.A friend who resides in my heart and is familiar to every emotions present there.A friend who is my world.A friend I love to the moon and back.
That friend is YOU,Diksha.

For a moment I have so much to say and the other moment I fall short of words as how to express what you and this bond of ours means to me.Sometimes words fail to express the height of emotions leaving you speechless.I faced it many times while writing this post.
I am happy that our bond of friendship has become 9 years happier and older now.I am taken back to our school days where I met you and our friendship was born and gradually bloomed into the best relationships of our lives.A place where Shivani and Diksha became synonyms.Remember,We only required a seat in the corner and each other's company and thats all.Every other activity taking place in background didn't attract us.We were often found lost in our endless and probably all useless talks leaving every one around us wondering and surprised as to how much and what do we talk about all the time.
Our teacher's used to call us SANTA and BANTA and DEVIS etc.HA HA HA HA:-D 😂Perhaps every guy who had crushes on us felt jealous.:-P But we were stubborn
we only and only wanted and enjoyed each other's sweet company.Nothing else seemed more important and precious to us.I am so happy that from then to now from school to college to workplaces things have changed,circumstances differ,surroundings are changed but on thing that remain unchanged is our friendship,our love for each other and so does our attraction.Even today a corner allures us and we cherish sitting in each others company just like before.
Everything between us is so much similar.From being toppers to possessing same handwriting. From being Salman Khan fans to gol-gappa lovers.From being lover of nature to being philosophical.
From being big dreamers to being achievers.From being simple to being emotional.No wonder people are left amazed when they get to know about us and our friendship.One thing I would like to share Do you all know Our Parents tease us and they really asked us if we would like to marry each other. HAHAHAHAHA!!!😂No match could be any better than this one.Yes, they did.And if I had liked girls in this context,Diksha I would have married you. HEHEHEHEHE 😂But hardluck I can't.
You stood by me whenever I was weak.You were there by my side when I met that accident two years ago.You supported me through this tough phase of life.You strengthened me and made me believe that I can come out of it and everything's gonna be okay. You probably passed each and every examinations that crossed our way of friendship in this life and that to with flying colours.

We have walked so far,laughed so hard and cried a sea of tears together.We have climbed each other's highest peaks,and travelled through the darkest of valleys.
You raised me up when life had beat me to the ground.Together we are stronger,braver and happier.Thank you for being a true friend.Thank you for making me understand what a real friend is all about.Thank you for always sticking by me.Thank you for letting my heart pour out.Thank you for not judging me in any of the situations.My life wouldn't be  the same without you.
With you by my side the world is a better place.The sun shines a little brighter,my smile grows a little bit wider,my problems seems smaller with your support.
You are the most beautiful person on this Earth I have ever met.You are selfless,compassionate and women with a golden heart.I could not thank God enough for bestowing
my life with your company,for bringing you into my life.I can't be any luckier than this.Now I don't to how to end this post or probably I don't want to stop.I want tosing this melody of your goodness endlessly.:-)But one thing I want to say to you is 'Thank you for Staying Constant in a world that changes every single second.

तेरे जैसा यार कहां..
कहां ऐसा याराना..
याद करेगी दुनिया तेरा मेरा अफसाना..😉😊

In the end,I thank Blog Adda and Dear Zindagi Contest from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity to write a blog on "MY JUG" and allowing me to share the true essence of our friendship.You gave me a platform to present my gratitude to "My Jug"
This is perhaps the best feeling that I experience in my blogging journey.

“I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.


  1. well written..u are very lucky . only few get such frienship.

  2. Thanku 😊 Indeed I am lucky 😊😊

  3. Dumbstruck... Shivu... I luv uh soon much... U r the meaning of frndshp to me as I always say... thanks to u n god..

  4. Dumbstruck... Shivu... I luv uh soon much... U r the meaning of frndshp to me as I always say... thanks to u n god..