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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Fly High my bird. .

Fly High
my bird..

Don't settle for less
begin the ardous journey
to reach the best

for good isn't your type
and better unfits your style
come out of the nest
strive for the best.

Fly High
with your wings of desire..

Let the passion in eyes
be the guiding light
collect all your might
to shine bright
take no rest
till you achieve the best.

Fly high 
follow your heart..

You are the fire
or think me a liar
put on your positive attire
intiate the quest
for the best

Fly High
to touch the vivid sky..

Sky is the limit
keep high spirit
the moral of downfall lesson
accompany your passion
failures are the mere test
success is yours,
at your Best

Fly High
& have patience..

To win this life's contest
be a little more smarter
and hit your goal,
far more harder
Look No east, nor the west
focus only on your dreams
with all the zest
persevere, till the Best

You are a bird
to conquer the world.
my bird...

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