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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Be thankful today..

Every new morning is a new beginning
Be thankful to the morning today.

The morning prayers are a blessing
of peace and serenity to you
Be thankful to the prayers today.

The day ahead is full of opportunities
Be thankful to this day.

Every single smile returned to you
is the reward you earned
Be thankful to those smiles today.

Every blossomed tree or garden you saw
is the nature's gift to you
Be thankful to the nature today.

Falling taught you to rise up on yours own
Be thankful to the pitfalls today.

Each moment of joy experienced is a
treasure collected in your heart
Be thankful to the joyful moments today.

Laughed out loud over something
with the friends,colleagues
Be thankful to the stupids jokes today.

Being Busy and stressed at work
assures you that you have lots to accomplish
Be thankful to the stress today.

Got a chance to extend a helping hand
towards someone
Be thankful God chose you today.

Mistakes taught you what's not to be done
Be thankful to the mistakes today.

Night arrives with a score card
of the efforts made by you
Be thankful to the night's analysis today.

Be thankful today..


  1. Thank you for encouraging me😊

  2. Wonderful poem on being thankful. Loved it !!!

  3. You have captured all the ways we're blessed so beautifully, Shivani. So important to appreciate the little things--they're the ones that build up and make life joyous. Thank you so much for joining the Gratitude Circle. Hugs and love to you!

  4. Thanku so much 😊 ma'am for dropping by..My pleasure to join the Gratitude circle 😊 @VidyaSuri