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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Diwali with a difference

Diwali has arrived.Diwali,the festival of lights,is the much anticipated festival of the year.This is the day on which everything around us gets brighten up with  colourful lights marking
the symbolic welcome of the light of new hope,prosperity and happiness
into our lives.Be it the houses,the streets,the city,the country each and everything  bathes with the shimmers and glimmers.

Diwali,gets its name from diyas.The diyas are the symbol of the new light,
new energy of hope and prosperity in our lives.The flame of the diya,
or the lamp,reminds us that light will ultimately triumph over darkness.
Diwali is all about Weeks of preparation, the fun of
decoration, the excitement of exchanging presents & sweets and finally doing Pooja,bursting crackers.I mean its more about pomp and show.We focus on spending too much on materialistic sources of happiness.It seems showcasing the wealth,spending unneccesary and celebrating the festival with worldly items is all of ours propaganda.

So what are you doing this diwali?Anything special?Anything different?Are you just going to wake up and wait till the sun sets and bring out the big box full of crackers and then light the fireworks and enjoy?Are you just planning to relish the food that your mother cooks for you on the occasion of Diwali?Lets make a difference this Diwali and celebrate this day DIL SE..Lets begin the celebration of life, its enjoyment, its goodness and sharing the same with one and
So this Diwali lets change a bit
and go by the real meaning of
the festival, let’s brighten up some
lives and illuminate faces with brilliant acts of sharing and kindness.Experience the Joy ofGIVING,SHARING,CARING on this Day..

I want to make a difference this diwali.We light up hundreds up diyas and lamps in our houses to devour the misery out of the house and welcome the  happiness.Lets light up a diya of love,compassion and sharing in our hearts for those thousands of under-priviledged people who don't celebrate Diwali with all pomp and grandeur as we do.There are thousands of people whose day of Diwali is no different than an ordinary day.Their lives are chained in povery, misery, lonliness and illness.Why not help them to light up some diyas of happiness and
togetherness in their lives.Lets share our lights with the less-privileged people and bring a smile on their faces.A bit of charity amidst merriment.

Lets redefine lights,noise and flavour this diwali with 

Sparks of BEAUTY
Instead of the sparks of crackers and fireworks,let your inner beauty sparkle
this time.Be beautiful at heart.Lets get out of our homes and reach out to the
people who live in shelter homes,slums,old age homes, orphanages or the beggars on the streets and offer them some gifts and presents or do anything that makes
a difference to their diwali.

Explosion of FLAVOURS
This time there should be explosion of flavours.Flavours of joy and sharing.
Reaching out to people who are alone or suffering from illness or living in
povery and adding flavours of togetherness,help and care in their lives through our small steps and a little charity.Offer them sweets and sweeten their lives with flavour of compassion.

Burst of COLOURS
Bursting crackers isn't a good idea this Diwali.Let there be burst of colours
of merry-making and joy by spreading colours of giving,colours of sharing,colours of love,
colours of caring all around you.Donating money instead of spending it on crackers which eventually lead to sound and air pollution,sharing the food made in your house with the less-privileged

Resonance of LAUGHTER
Laugh and make others laugh with you.No more echos of noisy patakas, let the lauhgter and jolliness resonate in each and everyone's life.
Make someone smile.While we spend thousands of rupees on crackers, there are children in the same city as we live whocannot even buy a candle which costs nothing more than Rs. 5/- 
How about you go and help the poor section of the society? One person cannot make a difference but still, we can just make a few people smile on the occasion of Diwali. Can’t we?

Spend some times with people who are in need celebrate your diwali and make them laugh a little more.

I would say your little deeds and efforts could bring a big difference to 
someomes's Diwali this time.So don't hesitate and inspite of the fumes of
fireworks in the air let there be the fumes of charity in the air.Lets do our
bits. It does not matter if you cannot touch the lives of many on that one day, but let us do something to touch the life of one person through the year, to make him or her a little more  happy. 
It may be like a drop in the ocean but is’nt the ocean made up of a lot of drops?

Wishing you all a very HAPPY,SAFE & PROSPEROUS DEEPAVALI..

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Be thankful today..

Every new morning is a new beginning
Be thankful to the morning today.

The morning prayers are a blessing
of peace and serenity to you
Be thankful to the prayers today.

The day ahead is full of opportunities
Be thankful to this day.

Every single smile returned to you
is the reward you earned
Be thankful to those smiles today.

Every blossomed tree or garden you saw
is the nature's gift to you
Be thankful to the nature today.

Falling taught you to rise up on yours own
Be thankful to the pitfalls today.

Each moment of joy experienced is a
treasure collected in your heart
Be thankful to the joyful moments today.

Laughed out loud over something
with the friends,colleagues
Be thankful to the stupids jokes today.

Being Busy and stressed at work
assures you that you have lots to accomplish
Be thankful to the stress today.

Got a chance to extend a helping hand
towards someone
Be thankful God chose you today.

Mistakes taught you what's not to be done
Be thankful to the mistakes today.

Night arrives with a score card
of the efforts made by you
Be thankful to the night's analysis today.

Be thankful today..

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Fly High my bird. .

Fly High
my bird..

Don't settle for less
begin the ardous journey
to reach the best

for good isn't your type
and better unfits your style
come out of the nest
strive for the best.

Fly High
with your wings of desire..

Let the passion in eyes
be the guiding light
collect all your might
to shine bright
take no rest
till you achieve the best.

Fly high 
follow your heart..

You are the fire
or think me a liar
put on your positive attire
intiate the quest
for the best

Fly High
to touch the vivid sky..

Sky is the limit
keep high spirit
the moral of downfall lesson
accompany your passion
failures are the mere test
success is yours,
at your Best

Fly High
& have patience..

To win this life's contest
be a little more smarter
and hit your goal,
far more harder
Look No east, nor the west
focus only on your dreams
with all the zest
persevere, till the Best

You are a bird
to conquer the world.
my bird...

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


a pristine soul
never returns,once gone.

a myriad emotion
years to build,
only a fraction to break.

a priceless present
yet so expensive,
no wealth isn't enough to buy it.

a boat of strength
helps you sail through the toughest
and stand the roughest.

a bird of desire
flies you to the moon
and sings a melodious tune.

a light of faith
keeps you gleaming
even in the darkest hour.

but remember

Everyone can be trusted with something
but No one can be trusted with everything..

Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Life Well Lived

Life is an interesting journey full of
variety of seasons,some chilly ones and
others warm,some withering and some aresprings.A path full of prickly diffs and green pastures.At times there are lights all around and others are the time of shadows when no ones around.But whatever it may bring you have to accept it with arms wide open.Life doesn't stops for anyone or anything.Its the show that goes on and on no matter what. Remember Life is never a promise of bed of roses.

Seasons come and go and with each season passing it makes you a little more mature,more experienced.It teaches you about its various shades and colors. Frankly,Retrospecton isn't easy at all.To hit the rewind button deliberately and allow oneself to ride the time machine to travel once again to the journey of past.The flashes of the past would be more of your unaccomplishments than of achievements.The highlights of
this past show will talk more about the moments of sadness and less about the happy and joyous ones.u

"The grass looks greener on the other side of the lane always."

'A walk down the memory lane often leaves one with an overdose of
sentiments and regretions.'

If this was the last day of my life and I were to give a feedback
of my life.I would choose to look back at the happier times.I would recall the lows that eventually lead me to highs.What does a LIFE WELL LIVED means??Is a life well lived only when it is full with list of achievements?When it is has more number of laurels?Is a life well spent all about running after money and making a bank balance?To have all the materialistic comforts and luxuries in ones life make it a well lived
life?I think the answer for me would be a big NO.

A life well lived will be all about how many times I stood up and
dared to run after each fall.Every single time I didn't give up and decided to try again harder even after the game of life was tough with only few more lives left.When on the failures my courage appeared and helped me look past my fears and the spirit of 'give it a shot' shined across my face,that every moment was a well lived moment of my life.
I would only like to recall the positive and happy moments.When leaving
this world and all that I own here itself I would like to take only and only
good and joyous memories of the life.

"My mind calmer and stronger now than ever before,made for itself some
imperious rules,prohibiting under deadly penalities all weak retrospect
of misery past,commanding only a patient journeying through the happy and positive moments of the well-lived life. "

All those moments when small things brought a big smile on my face.All those times When I increased the share of things that gave joy to people around me and decreased those which brought tribulation and worry contibruted to the well-lived life.
Every time when all the people in my room laughed at a joke cracked by me
would be a well lived experience because it satisfied me of making people light up and laugh with me.All those days when I looked in the mirror and realized how pretty I am and figured out something special in me despite all the flaws.
Those moments of pride when I was the reasons behind my parents big proud smile and happy tears
in their eyes.All those precious times when someone waited for me at the terminus when I returned
home.It was the best lived moment to know that there was someone waiting for me eagerly.The
escalation of their facial expression from recognition to pure joy upon seeing me were unparalleled.They were the best lived times when I managed to accomplish even the tiniest of 
things.All those steps which I took forward to make a small difference,to be a change strided me
to the path of well lived life.Every peaceful,positive,joyous yet simple moment in my life would
make to the well lived moments of life.

When I
loved unconditionally 
Laughed out loud over something hilarious
poured my heart out
set happiness goals for myself
helped others with no demands
measured my pleasure in simple things
enjoyed my work 
charmed others with my gleaming thoughts
planned a prank upon my best friend
teased my little brother
felt the nature's compassion
wore my heart on sleeves
dreamt bigger &
left no stone unturned
created a pointless drama
All these times and more
with no regretions & complains
at the END

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