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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Godliness in Greenery

It was a cold day in January.It was the dawn time.A torrent of light had capsized upon the house.
It seemed as if a thousand suns were cascading upon there.
An UFO landed in the garden of Tina's home.Yeah 'An UFO!'It was an exact replica of the ones
ones in comic books and fiction movies.The tiny door of the rocket opened,and a staircase
followed it.A very strange,enormous creature ascended the stairs.And of course it was an 'Alien',very humanoid in appearance.It's eyes were of sea green,exactly the same portrayed in those fictional stories.  .Tina was asleep in her room.It then woke Tina from It's eyes were watery with rainbow shades.It wore a glowing silver metal helmet.It was actually his head.There were two antennas on its head which glimmered in florescent green shades.

It made its way to Tina's room where she was sleeping.It then woke her up.
"Wake up my friend,Wake up."
Tina in her half sleep state rubbed her eyes and unwillingly opened them only to see this unearthly strange creaturein front of her.She got scared and screamed.The creature calmed her down and introduced itself to Tina."I am Zito.I have come from a planet which is very far away from Earth."
"Actually I have come here in search of clean,drinkable water.At my planet we no more
have any clean water to drink."Tina though a little confused and scared extended her hospitality to it.
She grew braver and asked "What did it expect from her?"

Zito asked Tina if she could help him in finding a source of clean and drinkable water.Tina agreed to help him.
"I will help you.You know we are "blessed".Mother Nature has bestowed us with lots of water bodies that are a source of clean and fresh water.I will take you to one of those water bodies and then you would be able to fulfill your need of clean water."

They both then boarded into the space craft.Tina took Zito to a nearby situated fresh water lake.
Lots of chemical wastes and pollutants from the factories in the neighbourhood was drained into the lake.Some people were bathing and washing clothes near the edge of the lake.Seeing this Zito immediately said to Tina.
"This lake's water is very unfit for drinking.All the chemical detergents,soap and waste is making the lake contaminated.The hazardous chemical waste is converting the water body into a poisnous swamp."
"Take me to some another place where I can find clean & pure water."

Then they moved to another nearby pond.The sight of the pond was no different.Many people were making their buffaloes,cows and other animals bath into the pond.There were people who were proudly dumping domestic wastes into the pond.Tina started feeling shameful.Zito again said to Tina "This water is useless for anybody.It is highly contaminated with pollutants.Absolutely unfit to drink."

Tina now thought of taking Zito to the river in the city.Tina was sure that there the search of clean drinkable water will be fulfilled.Zito too felt hopeful.Lets see what they both come across now..

There was huge crowd by the river bank.Everyone was happy,dancing,listening to bhajjans,kirtans and songs fully busy in accomplishing spiritual motives.Everyone seemed blindfolded in the name of God filled with piousness and devotions.All over there was joyousness.It was a big day for the devotees.It was the final day of the auspicious Ganesh Chaturthi and it was Ganpati's visarjan day.Tina told Zito about the granduer and importance of the festival.The they both headed to take some of the clean water from the river.The sight of the river was more sorrowful than all the before scenes.
Tina was guilty, infact very guilty.She had a feeling of culprit.

Yes,people were busy in immersing the innumerable Ganesh Idols into the rivers.Along with the idols people were dumping otherdecorating accessories like thermacoal,plastics,flowers,incents,cloth,camphor etc.

Zito told Tina that this water is also no more pure.He further said Immersion of Idols in rivers which are made of Plaster of Paris(POP) i.e calcium sulphate hydrate takes severalmonths to totally dissolve these idols.Also,colours used in decoration of idols contains harmful chemicals containing mercury,lead which leaks into water as idol dissolves.It increases acid content,Totally Dissolved solids(TDS) killing all the aquatic plants and
marine life.

Zito said "I am sad.You all are blessed with lot of freshwater waterbodies.Still you people are so reluctant about this blessing.People on Earth are busy damaging the Nature by every possible means.It seems you people have no gratitude towards God and The Nature.
Due to your irresponsible behaviour towards Mother Nature you are loosing all the water resources by heavily contaminating and polluting them.You cannot make your God happy by damaging Environment and its creations.Rituals of worship are created by you all not by your God.You people
can make changes to reduce the damage.There are numerous ways in which rituals can be performed without damaging environment."

Remember my friend "God Is Nature and Nature is God."
"Love and respect Nature and God will love you.Be grateful to his creations else the day of repent is near."

Tina's heart was heavy.She was guilty.She had nothing to explain.She was in repent and filled with remorse.
And Tina stumbled down from her bed.It was a dream wait a "nightmare"or
probably an enlightment.!

“Godliness in Greenery”, the presence of god in plants, in marine life, and in cleanliness, and what we can do to worship His creations in all its forms. 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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