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Sunday, 28 August 2016


Since I started blogging,it was always there in my mind that one day I will write a post which would be dedicated only and only to my parents.But it's been over two years and I have not being able to spill over my emotions on any of the files of my notepad,not even a single word in this context.
But still I always desired to write something..something which could
match the Emotions,the Thoughts,the Gratitude,the Love I have for my
parents in my Heart but everytime I sat down to reciprocate these emotions into words expressing my infinite love and respect for them,I found myself sort of enough words.My mind would go blank and I would end up with a thought realizing me that probably No Words are enough to thank the ANGELS of my life.No dictionary in this whole world contains those words which could let me successfully describe what these Angels have done for me and are still doing and will continue to do forever.

Today when I happened to visit BLOGADDA in search of a good and creative topic to write over.I came across WOW's prompt.The moment I read the description for this prompt,I was once again struck with my desire to write atleast a post dedicated to my parents.Somewhere I made up my mind to bring all my emotions out
and flood this file with words which I always felt sort of...

"Parents aren't the people you come from.They're the people you want to be,
when you grow up."

The day a child is born to the parents,the child becomes the center of their whole world.For them the world revolves around their children.They would happily sacrifice anything or everything for the happiness and well-being of their lovely buds bloomed in their garden.They would give away the share of their food,span of
their sleeps,comfort & rest of their part and everything single thing they own for their children and that to with abig smile and all the satisfaction in their heart.They would expect nothing in
return for all that they do for us.And I don't think that anyone of us in this world is rich enough to pay them back even a fraction of their deeds done by them for us.No amount of money,No rhetorical words,no emotions could help us in this affair.This is something beyound our capabilities as a human.
Everyone of us have parents like this only.

My parents have given off so much in their lives to bring me here,where I am today.
They are the reason of even a single good thing ever taking place in my life.
They are the ultimate of source  of energy,joy,happiness,goodluck,prosperity in my life.
They have worked real hard to make me what I am today.They knew no sleep,no starving,no comfort,
no luxury,no pain whenever it came to my sleep,my food,my rest,my demands,my well-being.
There's nothing in this world which they won't do to get me what I need.They are ready to make
Impossible to possible if it comes to my happiness.Their 'Love is real unconditional' one.My words would never be enough to express
what they have done for me.But let me take this opportunity of atleast showing gratitude to them which is again not going to compensate even a part of the fraction of their angelic deeds done by
them for me.

"Our Parent's Prayer is the  most beautiful poetry and expectations."

They are my 'WORLD'.There's nothing more important to me than my parents.I can give away very happily
every single bit of me for them.I respect them for everything.They have made me a good Human being.They are
always there for me.They can read my mind and understand my eyes even if I don't utter a word.Whatever I am today,
and I would be in future it will always be a reflection of their blessings,hardworks and sacrifices.
One day I will definetly made them so much proud of me.This is one promise I make to them.
I can offer them nothing but my love ,respect and most priceless 'My time'.All my 'THANKS' to them for everything.

"My Heroes are my PARENTS."

I'm getting so much emotional so I would stop here before floods comes in from my eyes.But One thing I would 
ask all of you people reading this post.Please give your parents 'Your time'.Talk to them,take care of them
and Love them unconditionally..Each day take out few minutes for them,take a break from your office works,your
social updates and posts and your chit-chats with friends.They need only and only 'some time of love & compassion from us.'

"A Father's Love is higher than any mountain, a Mother's love is deeper than any ocean." 

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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