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Monday, 4 April 2016

Our life is like sliding down a "slide"

 Our life is like sliding down a "slide".

Becoz we feel the moment of joy is too short,
while the time we have spent for the joy seems so long.

knowing all this very well,sometimes
we get tired of everyday routine.

Even at the moment of happiness we fail
to enjoy the happiness,
worrying about another matter in the future.

But all of a sudden,I come to think about the attitude
of living once again when I saw children going down
the slide.

The children enjoyed the moment to the fullest when they
slid down the slide
and when they climbed up the stairs, they kept smiling with
hope that they could do it again.

so when we lead our life,
why can't we be like those children

If you think you are in hardship,
remind yourself of those children

They enjoyed not only sliding
but also climbing....

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