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Thursday, 7 April 2016



Lucky enough to have some of the wonderful most precious persons in life.The best relation one can have.Not a blood relation, just a bond between two hearts.
Probably the priceless connecting bond between two people.No formalities,no conditions,no hesitation,no expectations,
no demands,no envy just love and affection.When things in your life are not falling in place,I mean the right place,and you feel you are tired,tired of fighting
and scared of loosing it,while you sit hopeless,discouraged,shattered,a pat comes to your back,a hand holds to your rescue,a hug of courage embraces you,impression of
of kiss of hope imprints in your mind and you look around only to find your lucky charms cheering you up loud.Friends are those kind of known well wishers in
our lives. There are many a times in my life when I witnessed and enjoyed the love and care of my friends on me.
They have always came to my rescue whenever I was in trouble.They have always been a source of motivation and encouragement to me.
Whenever I thought I would fall down or loose the battle,they were there to make me believe that there would be no falling down and if any chance
are there,they won't let me fall.Number of incidents took place in my life when I was loosing hope,almost dashed to ground,but these incredible
people holded me with the ray of hope,with the fire of courage,with the dawn of faith,with the warmth of love.One such incident,last year only
A major accident took place with me,and I happen to dislocate elbow joint of my right hand and moreover exams for my graduation were taking plce.Yeah, a difficult time.Operation had to be done.This
was really a tough time.I was shattered and worried to the extent.I had know idea how things were going to be alright.But these people were like saviours,
they had done all those things needed to make the situation a better one.They were not only the great helping hands but also good listening ears.
They would listen all my cribbing,all my disappointment and hopeless,negative mind.Yet come up with one or the other hopeful,positive thought to me.
That is when I realized when you have such worthful people in your life,you can come out of any worse phase in your life.It is not that tough times would not
take place but you definetly get that courage to fight against these harsh situation with their support.

I consider myself lucky enough to have bestest friends.And I am taking the opportunity of using Positive Vibes to thank my dear friends for all love,
affection,care,support they showered on me.. Love u all..Keep showering your love and affection on me.

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  1. There's nothing in the world like a good friend!

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A to Z Blogging Challenge Participant

  2. Blessed are those who have good friends! After all, they are angels in disguise! Visiting from the A-Z signup sheet!

    Deepa’s Kaleidoscope