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Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Mantra for E:ELIMINATE

ELIMINATE the darkness
by light of hope and glare of desires.

ELIMINATE the grey clouds of disillusion,disbelief
by reflecting the ray of faith,
glow of confidence.

ELIMINATE the hatred,malice
by the love and compassion of your heart

ELIMINATE the indifference,neglectance
by the warmth of smile and spark of eyes.

ELIMINATE the misery,sadness,gloom
by the attitude of happiness and
sound of laughter.

ELIMINATE the wounds of suffering,pain
by the heal of genuine love &care and composure
of patience.

ELIMINATE the meanness,selfishness
by the spirit of selfless giving and rejoicing.

ELIMINATE the obstacles that come along the way
by the surge of energy and born of courage
and excitement .

ELIMINATE the failure,setback
by the fire of success,perseverance,
and unbeatable hardwork and determination.

ELIMINATE the evil
by the soul of devotion and piousness.

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