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Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Life is an interesting journey full of endless seasons accompanied with highs and lows,
lights and shadows.At times we encounter prickly diffs and other times we cherish green
pastures.But friends life never stops for anyone or anything.It is a story with no 'THE END'
It is going on and on.Every year brings us the pack of 12 months starting with new years morning
and ending in new years' eve.A time of beginnings and endings, a time of celebrations, a time of togetherness,a time for some nostalgia and some new hopes.
In this span of 12 months we taste the flavors of every emotions: Happiness,
disappoinment,success and failures,setbacks and gains,fun and despair.Its like each and every day of the year begins with new opportunity,challenges and promises and ends in new and even bigger dreams,hopes and longer to-do-lists..It sure is a great time of the year.
#TALESOF2015 gave me a chance of retrospection of the year 2015.And I sit down with my notepad open and stare the all-white fresh unsaved file lost in rewinding the videos of the gone events of 2015.Every detail etched in my memory
moving like a slideshow of photograph on a big cinema.

The year started with new hopes,aspirations and challenges as usual.Last year January was much colder than this year.Februray came in with harshness.Yes,My best friend lost her father who was fighting illness past 6 months.Uncle was a father-figure to me.It was a tough time for my bestie and
I was there for her and supported her with fortitude in this adversity.I saw her breaking into pieces and stooping & falling down and I also witnessed her gradually standing up high.It was indeed a big loss.But life moves and so does we.

Months passed and I looked forward to the new shades of the season.In May,I along with my family went on a trip to Haridwar and Rishikesh to seek piousness in the Dev lok.It was indeed a worthful religious trip which brought me closer to Mother Nature.I experienced religiosity and piousness of River Ganga and witnessed the grandeur of the holy Ganga. Nature is unbeatable and its magnificence is uncomparable.There is for sure some power which is the source of life on this Earth and that power is present as faith towards the Almighty in our Hearts.I too witnessed our ingratitude and ungratefulness towards Nature when I saw the immensely poor and dirty Ghats.Sight of pollution in the river was horrible!How ignorant we as Human beings are when it comes to Nature.We take itfor granted and do not have any sense of responsibility towards taking care of Nature.but all in all a religious trip near God and Nature it was!!
Oh my goodness! After three months Luckily I again with my family went on holidays and this time it was South.What a fun trip it was!! A long holiday of two weeks made all of us rejuvenated and fresh.From the sight of innumerable, long coconut tress on the roadsides in
kerala to mouth watering Southern delicacies (shambhar,dosa,vada) all were a paradise,watching the splendid views of sunrise to sunset in Kanyakumari,getting into streamers on a round of the vast ocean.Walking along the sea shores and the images of clear blue waters,white sand,
big palm trees and huges waves crashing against rocks again and again all were a treat to the eyes.The rhythmic pounding of the waves comforted me.
This exposure to Southern cities their culture,cuisines,beautiful sites and places on this trip was awesome and joyful.how cool and exhilarating!

One of the more highlighted event inmy life this year was exploring a brandnew passion in me.Yes Blogging happened .Positive Vibes became a positive part of my life.
To me this year.Its not that passion
for blogging came in me all of a sudden.Actually,it was always there but in a dormant condition and my inclination towards writing was a impromptu spur to blog.
In fact, I am to confess something here through blogging I got a chance to enter the world of Blogging which fascinated me thoroughly and attracted me.I was
introduced to this world on BLOGADDA which indeed took me to the ever-exciting Blogging world where thousands of more people like me are following their
passion of Blogging.I got to know the 'Happy Blogging' concept here.Though I am a pro blogger,I got a chance to be a part of BlogAdda in December.
BlogAdda gave me a platform and my presence over there inspired and encouraged me even more to follow my heart and keep up my Blogging passion.As they say,
It only takes a spark to get the fire going.This is something I do for myself.I gain a peace of mind when I write blogs and it is the time of joy.
As I say, 'Writing is a celebration to me.'Blogging surged in me more energy,born of excitement and anticipation.

These were some of the highlighted events of my life this year.I never favor Looking Back but this time Looking Back
and Recalling the highlights of 2015 through TALESOF2015 made me happy and emotional too.While I entered the year 2016 leaving behind the gone days,
I welcome the year with new hopes and more aspirations and expectations and the challenges the year brings in ahead.If I talk about my resolutions this year which I promised
myself to follow throughout sincerely.My prime resolution this year is to spread love.With my experience, though a small one,I learnt a ultimate lesson
of life and that is 'There is nothing in this world but Love.' Love is the only truth and should be our only desire.I promised myself I will love everything
around The mighty Nature,its human beings and animals.Life is too short to live with hatred and grudges for anyone or anything.
"Life a lamp, Love is its oil
which burns & illuminates us.
Life a cake, sugar is the Love
which sweetens us.
When thorns of desperate pricks,Love presents roses of hope
which soothes us."
Love is happiness,strength and power.Spreading Love is my resolution this year.

Next and the last resolution this year
is to get rid of my lazy habbit. Sometimes I am too lazy and I put important tasks pending.I would definetly change this laid-back attitude.This attitude sometimes becomes a cause of  stress and restlessness in me.Nevertheless,I follow my heart and I would surely keep my resolutions and make sure they doesn't break.

Ahhhh! I guess I have written a bit long but it was indeed fun journeying the memory lane and recollecting the gone laughter,pain,memories and happiness
and briefing all of them here with to figure out the learnt lessons from these insightful experiences.

Each experience- good or bad -Is like a paper boat in this ocean called life to take us through its vastness, and while we jump from one boat to another,Lets thrive to be a fearless bird that carries love and only love in it's heart.

 Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
 Whispering it will be happier.." -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Writing for #TALESOF2015 was truly an enlightening, enriching and an
exciting experience for me.

 “I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 withBlogAdda.”

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