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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Resolutions are made to be broken!!

A year has always been an excellent yardstick.We are in the right frame of beginning something fresh.
A year presents you enough time to plan and take on a resolution or set a goal for yourselves.Indeed... What say????
This New Year's January is bidding a goodbye to us with just few more days to go and I guess so does our New year's Resolutions too which started with all the pomp and excitement.This time
Our resolution is not gonna break and this was firm thought on the very first day of the year.
Do you also subscribe to the philosophy that resolutions are made to be broken.Most of us take on the
resolution and start with good intentions, however,we don't follow through and see our goals to the

Some of the most famous resolutions are of "loosing their weight" or "saying goodbye to their laziness" and then
there are some determined to "quit smoking or any other such bad habit" and so many more resolutions like this
those started with good intentions and firm attitude but unfortunately soon ends up in the trash bin.The sheer
numbers of these broken resolution every year made me to think deep..

The firm resolution of making excercise and yoga a part of the daily
regime seem to have come to an end though it started with all the firmness and believe that this time it wont break into pieces like before."I will take care of my health now onwards" and
"I will excerise daily." or "M gonna quit smoking for sure." and many more words like this but alas!!!
This has happened before too.Last year some of the similar words came out of the mouth but didn't last for long and this year too nothing's changed.Most of the resolutions break!! Thats a pretty much known fact.I probably think the reason behind these so many 
unsuccessful resolutions is the weak foundations of these promises.The explanation for this remarkable failure
rate is quite simple: "Humans are creatures of Habits." Our bad habits become a part of our nature and its nearly impossible to overcome these with taking on resolutions every newyear alone.When we set any resolutions an enormous amount of will-power is required.Ofcourse we want a good and ideal lifestyle and a better attitude.
Though we surely want to take on the good habits and follow them in our lives but we badly fail when it comes
to quit the bad habits.Actually Bad habits fix themselves with all their roots into our lives and to pull them out and throw away overnight is just not possible.We need to take baby steps with firm determination.The key is to make any goal a habit first that too a tiny one.
You know why this is so hard to over throw our bad habits from our lives because these 'Bad Habits keep on
following you as a option.' They are always available as a choice we can make any moment.

There's certainly no issue in making resolutions,but what is necessary is to make them successful with a
will power of not ending them up in mid.For this first and all we need to make ourselves ready for the
same.Before taking on any resolutions we need to analyze our willingness to take it and ask ourselves some 
of the very important questions like "What we think about resolution we're making?" "What is our willingness rate
and hopes on accomplishing it?" "Are we just going along with the crowd or do we really want to take it?"
An interospection is very much required.It is also said The more you make resolutions,the lesser are the chances to accomplish them successfully.Infact, we should take on an attainable resolution which we think would be easy for us to continue with.If we are gonna take a lofty goal that we're not confident enough to achieve them,we might end up giving up because eventually we will either feel so overwhelmed or frustrated about it in the long run.Secondly I feel we need to cut off the choice or option of reverting back to the bad habbit.Like if 
you have thought of quiting smoking, a cigratte infront of you should never be a option.Cut off all the choices
and circumstances that allure you to get back on those bad habits.When your heart knows that there's no option
or choice left,it accepts the things that are infront of it.

Resolution is a energy- a energy of the soul,heart and mind all together that works in your innerself in the direction
that leads you to the path of accomplishment of the goal that you have set for your ownself.So if you have planned that you will excercise daily,you know that there's no option.You have to do it at any cost.But remember,to take on a resolution that is abstract or unattainable for you is similar to hit a dart in the darkness.Analyze and weigh 
your goal and then head on towards accomplishing it with  a firm and determined attitude.

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