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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Nothing to Wear Syndrome! ! 😂😉

Hahahaha!! Girls..Smiling right!!

Hey Girls you all must be very happy to be a Victim of this Syndrome and surely never wanted
to be cured.And for those who aren't suffering this happy syndrome my all sympathies are with them
but guys you are boring and for sure diverging from the track of being a typical girl always
greedy to get more and more in their wardrobes and still have nothing to wear.I am very happy
victim of this syndrome called 'THE NOTHING TO WEAR SYNDROME.' This syndrome often affects and
makes me realize its presence and that too at the very right moment..HAHAHA!!

Actually last night when I was going for a birthday party of my cousin I happen to struck hard by this deadly syndrome when I opened my cupboard to choose a perfect dress for the occasion.I scoured my wardrobe but only to realize that I HAVE NOTHING WEAR.And you know there started my panicky.I was as usual
cribbing that I don't have much dresses now!! What do I wear now? All the dresses are out of fashion
and infact I had already worn them so many times!! Seriouly I was once again a complaint box grumbling
about the so called issue of 'nothing to wear'.You will often find me whinning about this serious issue.
and my parents would be like 'You have such a big collection.''You are always buying something for yourself!'
:/ :/ Guys they are really serious about this but you know this syndrome is very hazardous and uncontroallable.:( :(
(HAHAHAHAH!!) I am helpless and moreover very happy to be helpless.:P :P

Let me tell you all I am big greedy when it comes to clothes and accessories. Every other weekend you will find me in the market picking up one or two dresses or may be other items like shoes,bags and other fashion items and still I will be like it is not enough and to be frank I think it's never gonna be enough for me.
My endless avarice is a symptom of this syndrome.I anyhow managed to pick a better one dress for the occasion
with a compromise attitude and firm thought to go for the shopping the very next day.This is not done!! :D

My fellow girls would be relating to this issue of mine for they have surely gone through this situation many a times in their lives too.They now know(those who were ignorant of this) that we are all too innocent and whose the culprit here?

This syndrome is the villain in the greedy story and we are just happy innocent victims.HAHAHA right girls!!
This avarice for more and more fashion goods is actually innate and We can't help it.
I feel its absolutely ok to be greedy for this case.We have got all the rights to look new and beautiful every single day making guys heart throb with a sigh!! Girls so next time when this syndrome hits you be more than happy and get your skates on and shop.Festive season is on and you are soon going to get hit with this.Get yourself some more items and fulfil the dosage of the syndrome.Happy shopping!! Cheers Girls!!
This was really fun writing.I hope you all equally enjoyed while reading.

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