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Friday, 11 December 2015

Making Peace with your Past.

 Past(of course a bitter one) has the power to ruin your present and demolish your future..
With these words I would wave my hand and say Hello to everyone.
This blog is probably my selfish way of speaking my burended heart out with the hope of reaching a peaceful settlement with my past very soon.Past affects all of us some or the other way and could be a solid reason of the restlessness in your present.We all fight with these bitter experiences at some point that lifes brings in to us.
Sometimes,believe me it becomes very hard to negotiate with your past.I have felt Past has all the power to bring
storms and thunder in your life and you could find yourself so helpless and weak to rescue yourself out of this havoc.

I am constantly trying hard,infact very hard,to get over some things in my life but in vain.I feel I have being trapped by my past.Every detail etched in my memory,moving like a slide show of photograph on a big screen(my mind) no matter how much I make myself
busy in any buisness this film is screening every moment into my head.I am running and past is following me and this seems a never ending race.
Past not only snatches your peace of mind but also fills you up with immense regretion and endless grudges.I filled my heart with hatred,rage and anger in order to get over the things unaffectedly.Perhaps a very weird situation it is! A person like me who's in the favor of letting go off the past is itself fighting alone a tough battle with the past to kick it off.

But during all this phase I came across some realizations and they are helping me in some way to give a tough fight back.
The more you stop yourself from recalling your gone things,the harder they hit you with their gone presence.Do not try to control the time and its deed.Believe what's done is done and for sure it can't be undone.Past can only bring back regretion and tears and leaves you with so many unanswered questions which keep bombarding your head and affecting your heart.With Intolerable pricking pain past will continue spearing your mind and soul deep into the layers,augmenting with
time unless you accept it as a unchangeable part of life.I realized fighting a battle with the past would never let me gain success over it.Voilence, in any form and with whomesoever,can never be a solution.So battle with the past is
insignificant absolutely incapable of gaining you fortitude.It could only make you hollow from inside,coz in this battle you are only hitting your inner soul unknowingly to blow off your past.Your fight is with yourself only.
"Why this happened?"
"Wish it could have not happened"
"Why me?"
"Wish I could change it."and lot more.
These questions have haunted us and the answers to these are always unsaid and unquoted.The reasons are translucent and invisible.
The only way to heal your bruised heart is making peace with your past.
Acceptance is the first step towards it and could reach you a state of consolation.Accept the Past as you do not have any better option than this.When you accept your past it becomes easier for you to let it go.
Go with the flow.Let your life flow like water and you flow with it without any fear.It is useless trying hard to go against the flow with more chances of drown.Do not run away instead face it with a smile.All the need is to make a peaceful settlement with your past.When you're gonna be in harmony and peace with the past it will stop troubling and bothering you.

Automatically you're gonna win over your past without the armaments.This is the power of peace.Therefore,with the very moment I'M GONNA MAKE PEACE WITH MY PAST!