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Sunday, 22 November 2015

My 3 favourite words

Once agian I got really fascinated and excited when I came across WOW's this week prompt.
As soon as I saw the prompt,I began to peep into my mind's vocaublary box to find my favourite three words.After few minutes I got three words that are my favourites but this was a revelation for me as I have never recognized them before.WOW encouraged me and let me know how favourites and meaningful these words are in my life.

So Lets begin..

My first favourite word is life.A very small spelled word of just 4 letters in it but the  meaning it inholds is such deep and worthful to explore.I think Life is a boon to every living object on this world.We are lucky God has bestowed all of us with life.We can breathe,We can see,We can hear,We can smell,We can walk,run,dance.We can sing,We can feel,We can express,We can work,hold,chase.We can understand and so many other things.Perhaps impossible to mention them.
To me Life is a opportunity Nature has given to me which embraces me everymorning with a further new
opportunity or chance to live,express,feel,laugh,work,love and lots more.The more I think of life
and its significance,the more I am left spellbound.
"Life offered me innumerable Highs and Lows,Lights and Shadows.
At times it was a Prickly diff and the other it was Green pastures.
Everyday a new journey handful of Opportunity,every moment a new Experience.
The more I learn,the less I know.
this journey to the last gate is life."
I seem to have not enough words to express my reason to choose Life as my first and all time favourite word.

As I move to my next favourite-Love.
"Life a lamp, Love is its oil 
which burns & illuminates us.
Life a cake, sugar is the Love
which sweetens us.
When thorns of desperate pricks,Love presents roses of hope
which soothes us."
Thats the picture of love in my mind.Love is life.Love is eternal.It is that unconditional feeling that makes you feel alive.We are alive and
love is the reason.Love is strength.When going gets tough,love keeps you tough to fight and to win.Each one of our heart
is filled with love.We all love to love our dearones,family,friends,pets and more.The magic of Love cannot be expressed through words..Love keeps you moving,fighting,persevering and acheiving.The love we have in our hearts makes us generous,thankful to each and everything in our life.
Love is the source of hope,happiness and goodness.

Time is precious.To make best out of time should be our motive.Time is running and no one can afford to loose even a second.
I think It is very important to respect time as they say Time lost cannot be gained.Time could be harsh and offer you hardships,might obstruct you and
let you walk on pricky, thorny bed.But Time is benevolent too and can take you to new heights of success and present you intense happiness,good luck
and luxuries.Times challenges your hardwork,perseverance and will and bestows you success,fame and name.A side portrays Time a ruthless fellow and the other a compassionate friend.All we need to do is not disrepect the time and be forgranted.I believe at right time right and required things should be done without thinking of the consequence.Time is a teacher that punishes you and rewards you as well.Good and bad both times gives life a new dimension and adds to our existence a new experience.

"Life is a chariot,
Love is the horse
and Time are the wheels."

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

I am special because. ...

Like any hungry blog bug when this weekend I happen to come to BlogAdda with purpose of satisfying my appetite of WOW prompt,
I came across this weekend's WOW prompt "I am special because" and the very first thought that ran down my mind was This is
for me.My excitement about writing over this Prompt is obovious as I am self-lover, may be a little self-obessed in the positive way.

I have always been my favourite.'I am bestess.' 'I am a star.' 'I can do anything and everthing.' 'I am worth it.' are some of my best phrases used by me regularly to present my love and endearness to my self.I have raised myself with the thought that I am special and unquie and there's no one out there like me.Let me tell I am never stingy with compliments when it comes to appreiate and applaud me for all that I am.I have a strong belief that
a person who loves oneself can love others more and is probably loved more by others.As they say 'Happiness starts with you'.

When you love yourself you are more confident, you get that extra strength to fight over any battle.I certainly follow one thought that No one could ever uplift or encourage you better than you.You are the best source of encourage for your ownself.

I am special and there are thousands of reason of being such special.I am sure this blog of mine wouldn't be enough to mention
all of them but I'll try to bring most of them.

I am special because I am me.I love myself for whatever I am.I do not compare myself with anyone in this world.
I am special because I respect my self.My Self-respect is my pride.
I am special because I make mistakes and correct them.
I am special because I loose,I get defeated but still strive hard to be a winner.
I am special because I am a dreamer.I have the courage to dream.I believe in them.
I am special because I do it because it's in my heart not because I want something in return.
I am special because I can take my stand.I put my opinions out open and fearless.
I am special because I am a fighter.I am hard to give up on anything.I never loose.Either I win or I learn.
I am special because I value each and every relation in my life.I do the effort to let them know that I love them so much.
I am special because I am always there for my family and friends.They will find me whenever they'll in need.
I am special because I am happy,generous and kind.
I am special because I am trustworthy,reliable and dependable.
I am special because I am loyal to my relations,work and duty.
I am special because I have commitment value.I am a person of my words.
I am special because I am different from others and there is just noe of me in the whole world.
I am special because I am thankful to God,Nature and people.
I am not perfect but I am special.

I am really very happy.While writing over this prompt,I certainly started loving myself more.This activity has apparently made me a more confident and strong personality.Its really rare when you  sit and think for yourself.Anyone hardly realizes how special they are.I am lucky to have come across BlogAdda's WOW as I get a chance to let myself know how special I am.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggersby BlogAdda.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Friends : My instant Boosters

Lucky enough to have some of the wonderful most precious persons in life.The best relation one can have.Not a blood relation, just a bond between two hearts.

Probably the priceless connecting bond between two people.No formalities,no conditions,no hesitation, no expectations,no demands,no envy just love and affection.When things in your life are not falling in place,I mean the right place,and you feel you are tired,tired of fighting and scared of loosing it,while you sit hopeless,discouraged,shattered,a pat comes to your back,a hand holds to your rescue,a hug of courage embraces you,impression of kiss of hope imprints in your mind and you look around only to find your lucky charms cheering you up loud.Friends are those kind of known well wishers in our lives. There are many a times in my life when I witnessed and enjoyed the love and care of my friends on me.

They have always came to my rescue whenever I was in trouble.They have always been a source of motivation and encouragement to me.
Whenever I thought I would fall down or loose the battle,they were there to make me believe that there would be no falling down and if any chance are there,they won't let me fall.Number of incidents took place in my life when I was loosing hope,almost dashed to ground,but these incredible people holded me with the ray of hope,with the fire of courage,with the dawn of faith,with the warmth of love.One such incident,last year only
A major accident took place with me,and I happen to dislocate elbow joint of my right hand and moreover exams for my graduation were taking plce.Yeah, a difficult time.Operation had to be done.This was really a tough time.I was shattered and worried to the extent.I had know idea how things were going to be alright.But these people were like saviours,they had done all those things needed to make the situation a better one.They were not only the great helping hands but also good listening ears.
They would listen all my cribbing,all my disappointment and hopeless,negative mind.Yet come up with one or the other hopeful,positive thought to me.
That is when I realized when you have such worthful people in your life,you can come out of any worse phase in your life.It is not that tough times would not take place but you definetly get that courage to fight against these harsh situation with their support.
I consider myself lucky enough to have bestest friends.And I am taking the opportunity of using Positive Vibes to thank my dear friends for all love,
affection,care,support they showered on me. Mom,bhai,Dik,Avi,PS,Anu,pandey,sadu,Jeet,Mayank. Love u all..Keep showering your love and affection on me.I have not mentioned few people here but they are equally valuable and dear to me and they very well know that.