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Tuesday, 20 October 2015


 Mankind on this Earth cannot survuve without the compassion of their fellows..
"Love & Compassion are necessities not luxuries" -DALAI LAMA

True Fact..Compassion is a necessity of mankind and moreover I think for every living inhabitant of this Earth compassion is as necessary as food to live. A Soft Touch,a Cheering Smile,A listening Ear,an Honest Compliment,a caring & helping hand these small gestures have the potential to turn everyones life around..Hello Everyone!How are you doing? M back with one more positive thought.. COMPASSION

Haven't you noticed when your father stressed at work returns home and looks at your flawless smile,his worn-out tired face lightens up.or when someone offers his/her seat to you in a bus/train fully loaded,don't you get overwhelmed with the kind gesture offered to you.When you offer your favourite pastry with your brother/sister and they get even more happy,their happiness
reflects your love or when you know there's someone around who is always free to listen you even if you talk stupid at times,don't you feel lucky.You do,ryt? Compassion can never be underestimated.
"A Kind and Compassionate act is often its own Reward."

Every one around us is fighting some or the other battle.Chasing goals,Big Aspirations,Desirable Acheivements are never-ending.They will continue till you are not dead.But Compassion keeps you happily alive undermist of all these.It doesn't take much to reach out and lift people up.'No act of Kindness,no matter how small,is never wasted'  Thus small gestures positively
impact not only the giver and the reciever but also the people who witness them.BE COMPASSIONATE..LOVE PEOPLE AND LIVE HAPPY.

 #Radiate PositiveVibes$

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