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Sunday, 27 September 2015


Perhaps the best mantra to live up your life happily..LETTING GO

Yes, it is about LETTING GO! I, You,They everyone of us struggle hard for quite sometime or may be too long to let go of certain things and experiences in life.Probably LETTING GO is difficult and
believe me my friends it was never easy and it will never be,but I realized that it was necessary for my own well being.It was necessary to let go of my bitter experiences and sour things in life for tasting the sweetness of new and fresh things and experiences.

This quote signifies that during our life's journey we tend to become attached to things,relationships,circumstances,or incidents of life.They become an important part of our life.
You cling to them so tightly that we cannot think of letting go.You pin our happiness to these things
and hold onto them for dear life.The dearness or attachment to these things or person is so powerful that you do not even think of parting for them,even if you know that they are not good for us or not meant for us.When you refuse to accept the reality,you conflict in your heart,and in your body which
results in anger,discontentment,hatred,anxiety,emptiness,fear,jealousy and unhappiness.

But I think LETTING GO is important.Letting go of old attachments,relationships,beliefs,or ideas that no longer serve us any good should be the way forward.If you will focus on what was in the past
you will never be able to see what lies ahead.
You cannot stop or hold on to anything in life.Stopping will only make you dull,discontented.
LETTING GO is 'not getting rid of' or 'throwing away' of the past but putting  it aside and recognizing that you are no longer attached to it.Letting go is all about moving ahead in life with hope,anticipation,excitement for positive and new things in life.

LETTING GO will help you explore the new shades of your life with new enthusiasm and spirit.
To  welcome 'Happiness' letting go is needed.So my friends Let go of bitter words,unfruitful relationships,bad experiences,unpleasant situations and oversmart  people from your life.
Big Cheers to freedom,pace,excitement,and love.

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