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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Matter of Thoughts



Two friends were walking leisurely in a garden.They were busy exploring the beauty of the different kinds of flowers of different genus that bloomed in that garden.One of them caught an eye on a Rose flower and said. Ohh pity!!! There's a lot of thorns in the Rose flower? The other friend immediately responded to his exclamation and said.. "Wow!! How beautifully this Rose flower is bloomed among these harsh thorns." Things appear to us the way they are.They nothing more than that.It is our perception that gives a new definition to any thing.Your perception towards anything builds up your thought and vision.You will give to others what you conceive.We make the things and situation the way we look at them.Shakespeare famous Quote "There's nothing like good or bad,its our thinking that makes anything good or bad." Ofcourse Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder..

Our Attitude means the way you think is the game changer of your life.Situations and Circumstances remain the same.They are still.It is your Attitude that makes a difference everytime. Your thinking is significant whether it is Optimistic or Pessimistic? When you look at others what do you see..Their flaws or goodness.
We often repent for the things that do not belong to us neglecting the things we have.Things that Almighty has bestowed us with.We ponder over the Problems not on their Solutions." It is better to keep yourselves clean and tidy and glittery coz you are like a Window,people will peep into.."said George Bernard Shaw in his discourse. Others can only help you in changing your perception but at last It is you and will always be who can make a difference to your attitude.

Anything can be taken away from a person but his Attitude.How he behaves under circumstances can never be taken away from him.It is his thought that will help in paving path to his ultimate destination.

CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE.. First Develop  a positive Attitude and then your Attitude will develop a positive personality of urs..

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