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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How Hypocritic is our WORLD!!

Women Empowerment is all the hot n happening topic of all times in our country..Women should be given an equal status as men in the society.They are in no way weaker than males.We should stop looking at them as a weaker sex.They have all the capabilities rather they can be really better then men in so many things...bla bla bla..!!! 'Jitne muh utni hi achi baatein'..
You all must have heard these lines several times whenever you would have come across this so called "hot n happening" topic of all times..But Do you think all the above stated words really mean in our society.We are the residents of emerging India which is progressing, becoming modern day by day,technology is at its best n moreover we as Indians have become more open minded.We talk about Women Empowerment now..Wow it is so great..'Hum to tarakkee kr rhe h'  We should be applauded for this..I mean really.

Really are we changing ...?? Have become open minded..?? No...I think not really.We just talk good and that is exactly we love to..But I guess reality is whole lot a opposite side.We live in a "hypocritic" world that only knows to talk good.Here are some good lines used often by us to manifest the Women Empowerment..have a look n think..!!
Congrats!! this is the women EMPOWERMENT.. 'bade bade changes to hum asani se kr lenge pehle in choti baaton ko to smbhal lein'